We believe that Jesus is God’s Son who came to this earth to die for us so that we can live free, forgiven and with purpose.

We believe that the same power of God that raised Jesus from the dead is alive and available to us all today.

We believe that all who call out to Jesus as Lord and Saviour, regardless of their background, will be saved and our church exists to create a space for that to happen.

We believe that as a church, our core values can be summed up in just four simple words. Devoted, Connected, Empowered and Fruitful.

We believe that we aren’t called to live by a set of rules, but in a relationship with Jesus built on devotion.

We believe that there is great power in the name of Jesus. And as believers we can be empowered in the authority and purpose of God.

We believe that through our relationship with Jesus, we can be fruitful in all areas of our lives – relationships, school, family, business – and in how we serve God.

We believe that we are connected together through our faith in Jesus, no matter our background or circumstances.


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